Roadtrips: The Foundation to a Happy Life

Exploring the Mogollon Rim, Arizona           circa 95ish

  My entire life road trips have always been the keystone of a great story. Whether it was a weekend trip to the mountains, an early morning drive to Disneyland, or a month long trip dragging our camper around the West attempting to explore as many National Parks as possible. By the time I was a teenager no destination Western United States was too far. 

  Road trips are still a major part of my life. Over the last couple years I have made it a point to visit all of the places our family would frequent as well as new places I have dreamt of visiting. Over these last two years I have been fortunate enough to visit 14 National Parks throughout North America and explored many more State/Provincial Parks that contain just as much beauty.

  I have always loved driving, but I mostly went on road trips alone until recently. These trips were always great and I still seek out that time, but something was missing. I tagged along with a friend on a trip across the country, then searched out a copilot for a last minute weekend drive through a couple National Parks. This made each trip new, even if to familiar places. Making memories with others will always mean more to me than experiencing new places alone. Good times are meant to be shared; a trait unknowingly inserted during my childhood through countless unforgettable family road trips.

Hiking the ridge above Hidden Lake. Glacier National Park, Montana

 This year I was lucky enough to find my perfect road trip partner. Someone who would set up camp in the dark, while having conversations of how amazing the sunset was over Bryce Canyon. Someone who would pack up camp an hour before sunrise so we could have the same conversations about the sunrise in the car ride to the next destination. Someone who serves as a reminder that life moments are meant to be experienced with the ones you love whether the be friends or family.

  Hope you enjoy images from Katie and my recent road trip, I look forward to many more in the future! Feel free to share a story of your favorite road trip!


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Photos taken by myself and Katie Kett